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Wer nicht so lange auf die Serie warten will, der Drache filme kostenlos legal anschauen. Neue Probleme tauchen auf als Maximilian hinter Jennys perfide Intrige kommt und Simone an der Nordsee aufsprt.

Wonder Woman Serie

Finde hier alle News und Videos der Serie Wonder Woman (). Zusammenfassung: Neuauflage von "Wonder Woman". Adrianne Palicki spielt die Heldin mit. Alle Infos zu Wonder Woman ( - ): Eine Serie von Douglas S. Cramer mit Lynda Carter und Lyle Waggoner. Episodenguides, Ausstrahlungstermine. Wonder Woman ist eine Fantasyserie aus dem Jahr mit Lynda Carter und Lyle Waggoner. Als der Pilot Major Steve Trevor im Zweiten Weltkrieg nahe.

Nach dem Ende von "Arrow" und "Supergirl": DC-Serie über die neue Wonder Woman kommt

indiancinemaevents.com: In der geplanten Arrowverse-Serie „Wonder Girl“ Yara Flor, die in den Comics sogar zur neuen Wonder Woman wird. US-Fantasyserie nach den Comics von Charles Moulton ("Wonder Woman"; ; "The New Adventures Of Wonder Woman"; ). Diana Prince. Alle Infos zu Wonder Woman ( - ): Eine Serie von Douglas S. Cramer mit Lynda Carter und Lyle Waggoner. Episodenguides, Ausstrahlungstermine.

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Per i costumi supplementari, introdotti nella seconda stagione, la trasformazione prevedeva inizialmente un primo giro con trasformazione nel costume tradizionale, seguito da un secondo giro con la trasformazione nel nuovo costume.

Nel Regno Unito le tre stagioni del telefilm sono state pubblicate in DVD in altrettanti cofanetti, con audio inglese e francese.

La terza stagione comprende anche l'audio e sottotitoli in italiano. Entertainment e a fascicoli settimanali da La Gazzetta dello Sport , unitamente alla serie televisiva Batman , nel In questa edizione la prima stagione conserva l'audio originale con sottotitoli in italiano, mentre la seconda e la terza stagione sono presentate con il doppiaggio italiano della prima trasmissione italiana.

Altri progetti. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Questa voce o sezione sull'argomento fiction televisive non cita le fonti necessarie o quelle presenti sono insufficienti.

Commento : Voce considerevolmente priva di fonti. Puoi migliorare questa voce aggiungendo citazioni da fonti attendibili secondo le linee guida sull'uso delle fonti.

Segui i suggerimenti del progetto di riferimento. URL consultato il 30 agosto archiviato dall' url originale il 5 maggio URL consultato il 23 maggio Altri progetti Wikimedia Commons.

Portale DC Comics. Portale Televisione. Diana goes undercover at the Malakan embassy to protect the crown jewels from a notorious international jewel thief.

The loss of the jewels would spell the end of the reign of the Queen of Malakar. David Hedison and Juliet Mills guest star. Note : This is the first episode where Diana does not wear glasses to cover her true identity.

She would only wear it either in her office at work or while driving a car throughout the rest of this series.

Note: Another re-launch. With this episode, Bruce Lansbury becomes Supervising Producer: the animated opening credits are replaced with a more traditional montage of clips from the series; at the beginning of the episode Steve Trevor is promoted to a desk job, becoming Diana's supervisor at the IADC, as a result of which his role gradually diminishes throughout the remainder of the series; and this episode is the final appearance of Normann Burton as Joe Atkinson - his distinctive voice is then heard for several episodes as the voice of IRAC, before being replaced in "Diana's Disappearing Act".

Michael Caffey. An alien race called the Skrill come to Earth to steal the minds of humans to be sold into slavery. Andros Dack Rambo , son of the alien visitor from the s, arrives with orders to capture the Skrill.

If he fails, his people will use insanity-inducement procedures upon the Earth to prevent their escape. The Skrill find out Diana Prince is also Wonder Woman.

They attack Diana and weaken her until she faints. Andros then saves her. Guest starring Vincent Van Patten , whose father Dick had appeared in a season one episode.

Anne Ramsey has a cameo role. Notes: IRAC likewise first implies its knowledge of Diana's alternate identity, saying as she departs, "Good night, Miss Prince Andros Jr.

Notes: Despite her pagan beliefs, Diana scrawls a public, "Merry Christmas -- W. IRAC all but admits its knowledge of Diana's secret identity to an oblivious Steve Trevor.

Diana Prince goes undercover as a burglar to infiltrate a burglary ring. Notes: Wonder Woman appears to display another new power, telepathic communication with animals, when she convinces the guard dogs to trip the alarms.

Wonder Woman's wetsuit makes its second appearance. Notes: IRAC hints to Diana that it is aware of her dual identity.

Norman Burton's final episode as the voice of IRAC. Wonder Woman demonstrates skill on the uneven bars.

The episode also features Melanie Chartoff and Rick Springfield in supporting roles. Steve Trevor Jr. Diana is assigned to protect an industrialist from an assassination attempt.

Notes: Charles Pierce guest stars. Wonder Woman displays superhuman hearing. Alexander Singer. Note: First appearance of Rover.

Wonder Woman poses as a photographer to protect an Air Force test flight from sabotage. Note: Diana appears in uniform for the first time since season 1, albeit posing as an Air Force staff sergeant , one grade lower than her assumed Naval rate of YN 1 more than 30 years earlier; among the ribbons that she wears on her disguise is the Air Force's version of Good Conduct Medal , the Naval version of which she legitimately earned during the war.

Notes: IRAC and Rover confirm to each other and the audience that they know Diana is Wonder Woman; when Diana's access is suspended, IRAC nevertheless provides her the information she requests albeit with a wink and a nod; e.

A janitor Gary Burghoff accidentally mixes cleaning supplies and creates a powerful explosive. Wonder Woman must protect him from evil-doers who are after the secret formula.

Philip Michael Thomas also appears in the episode. A mysterious girl Julie Anne Haddock with super powers appears and Wonder Woman must not only find a way to get her home but also protect her from a villain Allan Arbus who lives at sea.

Notes: Wonder Woman spins up another alternate costume, a motocross outfit. It is largely the same as her wetsuit, with the addition of a gold star-spangled crash helmet and large black goggles.

She displays advanced gymnastics skills by jumping into the rafters to swing as if on uneven bars to distract and defeat her opponents.

Note: Lynda Carter recorded a commentary for this episode, included on the Season 3 DVD release. Dawn Lyn and Leif Garrett are brother and sister in real life.

Leif Garrett's single "I Was Made For Dancing" was used in the scene. Wonder Woman's cape as well as her motorcross helmet with goggles make an appearance.

In order to recover a microfilm hidden in the hood ornament of a stolen car, Diana Prince teams up with an agent Peter Brown from another law enforcement agency to hunt down the car thief.

However she is captured, gagged and bound. Note: Footage of a Notre Dame vs. Texas game and a Notre Dame vs. Southern California game were used in the episode.

Ron Ely , Craig T. Nelson , Roman Gabriel and Deacon Jones guest star. Notes: Both Roddy McDowall and Ed Begley, Jr.

Gavin MacLeod also guest stars. Leslie H. Notes: Features Wolfman Jack guest starring as the disco's DJ. Katharyn Michaelian Powers. Notes: Lorene Yarnell and fellow guest star Robert Shields are the mime team Shields and Yarnell.

Robert Alda also guest stars. This is the only episode without any on-screen transformations from Diana to Wonder Woman. The episode title, which is also the villain's name, is derived from Formicidae.

David Wise Kathleen Barnes. Notes: Joan Van Ark and Shackelford would later star together on Knots Landing. This episode establishes that Wonder Woman is still alive years after the events of the show.

This episode included special effects footage from the British science fiction series Space: Notes: Wonder Woman spins up an alternate costume, a skateboarding outfit complete with knee and elbow pads and a helmet with a tiara design.

Jackson Gillis. Diana searches for a dolphin that has been kidnapped by a greedy land developer in a scheme to contaminate the California coast with oil.

She tracks down the land developer and his cronies but is captured, bound and gagged and tossed aboard the land developer's yacht.

Diana easily escapes her bonds, how she does so is not explained, and thwarts the land developer's plans. Plot Keywords.

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List of television series based on DC Comics publications. All DC TV Series Live Action. Favourite TV Soundtracks. Share this Rating Title: Wonder Woman — 7.

A twirling Diana Prince's hair would fall loose as the shot transitioned to a twirling Wonder Woman holding her Diana clothes, which she would stow nearby in a closet or locker.

How she changes back to Diana is never shown, although presumably she must return to the location to retrieve her clothes. To ensure both segments transitioned smoothly the camera was locked off secured in place while Carter's clothing, make-up, and hair was altered between identities, a process Carter said on a DVD commentary typically took about 45 minutes.

The spinning transformation was later incorporated into the comics and into animated appearances such as Justice League Unlimited.

At the time of the series in which Carter starred, the transformation was depicted in the comics by way of Diana spinning her magic lasso around her body, with the lasso changing her clothes, a move that was incorporated in The original character changed much the same as Superman, by simply changing at super-human speed, her costume under her clothing, and her boots and tiara in her handbag or desk drawer.

The iconic explosion overlay most associated with the TV show was introduced after the third episode to mask the cut point between the Diana and Wonder Woman clips, meaning they no longer needed to be perfectly aligned.

This allowed them to be shot without a locked off camera at more convenient points in the production schedule, when Carter was already in the appropriate costume.

The slow motion aspect of the sequence was dropped, and Wonder Woman was no longer left holding her Diana Prince clothes.

A thunderclap sound effect accompanied the explosion effect; both the explosion flash and its sound are apparently non- diegetic only heard by the audience, not within the narrative world , as demonstrated by Diana changing unnoticed in a dormitory of sleeping women, in adjoining office spaces, etc.

Generally the audience never sees Wonder Woman change back to Diana Prince, although there is one occasion when it is almost shown: Wonder Woman reveals her secret identity to her little sister Drusilla by slowly turning on the spot, but the actual moment of transformation is masked by a cut-away reaction shot of Drusilla no thunderclap was heard.

During season one, Wonder Woman has the ability to impersonate anyone's voice, which came in handy over the telephone.

She did not use this ability during seasons two and three. The series began at a time when violence on television was under intense scrutiny.

As a result, Wonder Woman was less frequently seen punching or kicking people the way she did in the early episodes.

She would usually be shown pushing and throwing enemies or using creativity to get them to somehow knock themselves out such as jumping high into the air to cause pursuers to collide.

Despite the wartime setting, she almost never resorted to deadly force. The only exception occurs in the pilot episode when she sinks a German U-boat by crashing an airplane into it, presumably killing everyone aboard.

Wonder Woman herself was occasionally overpowered by chloroform and poison gas, but she always came back in the second half of the show to save the day.

In some episodes, her enemies learn the secret of her superhuman strength — her magic belt — and temporarily steal it, leaving her with average human strength.

Her indestructible lasso and bracelets were stolen or taken away in one episode leaving her defenseless against gunfire , but Wonder Woman recovered them by the end of the episode.

In the comics, Wonder Woman has natural super strength and no magic belt - she would lose her super strength only if her bracelets were bound by a man.

Season 2 establishes that Wonder Woman remained active from to and was honored by Franklin D. Roosevelt for her work against Axis attacks. Despite good ratings for the series, ABC stalled on picking up the show for a second season.

This was because Wonder Woman was a period piece, being set in the s, which made the set, clothing, automobiles, etc.

While ABC had not yet committed, the show's production company Warner Bros. While ABC continued to make up its mind, CBS agreed to pick up the series on condition that the setting be changed from World War II the s to the modern day the s.

Strictly speaking, Lynda Carter was the only cast member whose character continued into the second and third seasons aside from a brief cameo appearance of Major Trevor Lyle Waggoner in Diana's flashback when she first encountered his son and a framed photograph of him seen on the younger Trevor's office credenza in season 3.

The original Steve Trevor was revealed to have risen to the rank of major general and died in the year interim between the first and second seasons, although Lyle Waggoner remained with the series, portraying Trevor's son, Steve Jr.

As a child, Steve Jr. It is similarly implied that he and YN1 Diana Prince were unaware of each other. Diana is taken aback by the younger Steve's existence, implying that his father had never spoken of the boy to either Wonder Woman or YN1 Prince.

This was particularly striking when she spoke to Steve Jr. Despite or perhaps because of the fact that Wonder Woman had fallen in love with the first Steve Trevor, the producers chose to drop any suggestion that Steve Jr.

Indeed, when an impostor posing as Steve Jr. Executive producer Douglas S. Cramer noted the difficulties in maintaining long-term romantic tension between leads, because the resolution of that romantic tension often results in the cancellation of the series.

Since Waggoner returned in a technically new role, Diana's mother Hippolyta was the only other first season character to be seen or mentioned, though she was played by a new actress, Beatrice Straight , succeeding Carolyn Jones and Cloris Leachman in the role.

Diana, Steve and Joe Atkinson Norman Burton , a weathered IADC agent, received their orders from a " Charlie's Angels -like" character who is heard but never seen.

Diana and Steve would go out and work the field while Joe assisted from the office. The Atkinson character was dropped after the ninth episode of this season, and Steve was given a promotion, becoming IADC Director, and Diana's boss, in the process.

This promotion for Steve Trevor meant that Lyle Waggoner was seen less in subsequent episodes for the remainder of the series' run.

In this season, the computer IRAC Information Retrieval Associative Computer , more informally known as "Ira," was introduced: its first appearance is in season 2, episode 1, where Diana introduces her Diana Prince identity into its records, over IRAC's protests.

Ira was the IADC's super-intelligent computer, who deduces that Diana Prince is really Wonder Woman, although he never shares this information with anyone, except Diana herself.

Saundra Sharp joined the cast as Eve, Steve's assistant the job held by Diana at the start of the season. Towards the end of the season, in the episode "IRAC is Missing," a small mobile robot called Rover was added for comic relief.

An offshoot of IRAC who performs duties such as delivering coffee and sorting mail, Rover speaks with a high-pitched voice, occasionally makes "Beep Beep" sounds and, like IRAC, is aware that Wonder Woman's secret identity is Diana Prince.

A more subtle change concerned Wonder Woman's intonation. In the first season, a mild version of the Mid-Atlantic accent , synonymous with the Golden Age of Hollywood , was used.

For the second and third season, Wonder Woman's intonation sounded Southwest American, reflecting the region where Lynda Carter herself was born and raised Phoenix, Arizona.

Whether this change was done for the purpose of modernizing the series is unknown. The theme song was re-written to remove references to the Axis , reflecting the series' new present-day setting, and the action depicted in the opening's animated comic book panels was similarly updated.

Beginning with the episode "The Man Who Made Volcanoes," the opening title sequence was changed again to an instrumental and more traditional "action scenes" opening.

The animated stars used before and after commercial breaks were dropped. The producers of Wonder Woman generally maintained her no-kill policy, although there were exceptions: In the episode "Anschluss '77" she is forced to destroy a clone of Adolf Hitler.

Unlike in the first season, Wonder Woman's sources of power magic belt, bracelets, golden lasso were never removed from her and stolen by villains during the two years the series was set in the s.

Other changes in season two included a slight redesign again by Donald Lee Feld, still credited as "Donfeld" of Wonder Woman's uniform.

The star-spangled bottoms were cut higher in the thighs, with the number of stars reduced, stopping below her hips, and rearranged in a more symmetrical starburst pattern.

The bracelets changed from dull silver-grey to bright gold, and were noticeably smaller and thinner. Her tiara, appearing unchanged when on Wonder Woman's head, would flatten to become a boomerang, and its ruby star functioned as a communications link to Paradise Island and her mother the queen.

Feld also introduced multiple new variants on Wonder Woman's uniform beginning in season two. She still wore the red-white-and-blue cape for special events or appearances from the first season, but without the skirt.

This variant could be described as Wonder Woman's "full-dress uniform. The same uniform, with low-heeled boots and a gold helmet, was used to ride motorcycles.

At first, Wonder Woman would switch to these newer uniforms by performing an extended spin in which she first changed from her Diana Prince clothes to Wonder Woman's standard uniform, then continued to spin until a second light explosion occurred and she would appear in one of the newer variants.

However, this extended spin device was dropped for expediency and Diana was then able to change into any of Wonder Woman's uniforms in a single change.

Wonder Woman's invisible plane appeared a couple of times in season two, and not at all in season three. The plane's shape was updated with the change in temporal setting, losing the rounded fuselage and modestly curved wings evocative of a World War II-era pursuit-fighter, in favor of a dart-like, delta winged jet.

Wonder Woman ist einer der ältesten Superhelden des DC-Comics-Verlags. Sie wurde von William Moulton Marston geschaffen und hatte ihren ersten Auftritt in All Star Comics #8; die Ausgabe erschien am Oktober Wonder Woman ist eine US-amerikanische Science-Fiction-Fernsehserie über die gleichnamige Superheldin, dargestellt von Lynda Carter. Erstmals. Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman war eine Sci-Fi-Serie in den 70ern Jahren, in der Lynda Carter die Hauptrolle besetzte und als wunderschöne Amazone in. Entdecken Sie COF. WONDER WOMAN SERIE und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung möglich.
Wonder Woman Serie

Die Auflsung gibt Todoist Android wohl erst in der GZSZ-Folge vom Wonder Woman Serie. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Als eben jene kann sie Kugeln aus Pistolen mit magischen Armbändern abwehren, meterhoch springen, mit ihrem magischen Seil Menschen dazu zwingen, die Wahrheit zu sagen und kann sich im Taucheranzug oder Motorrad-Outfit verschiedenen Situationen Simbach Inn Hochwasser.
Wonder Woman Serie Wonder Woman's sister Drusilla is sent from Paradise Island to Washington to tell Diana to come home. Drusilla discovers her own alter ego, Wonder Girl, and is kidnapped by the Nazis. S1, Ep6 8 Nov. Both the ABC pilot episode - "The New Original Wonder Woman" - and the ABC premiere episode that brought the series forward into the 70's - "The Return of Wonder Woman" - originally aired as minute episodes. For syndication, these episodes are often edited down to run in a standard minute time slot. Ultimate Wonder Woman DVD Collection: Wonder Woman [, Gal Gadot] / Wonder Woman: The Complete Series (Seasons 1, 2, 3) [, Lynda Carter] / DC Super Heroes: Wonder Woman [, Animated] out of 5 stars Wonder Woman (TV Series –) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. With the strength of Hercules, the wisdom of Athena, the speed of Mercury and the beauty of Aphrodite, she's Wonder Woman. Beautiful Amazon princess Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) travels to America disguised as Diana Prince, assistant to handsome but trouble-prone Major Steve Trevor (Lyle Waggoner). She has her bullet-deflecting bracelets and also receives a golden lasso which is unbreakable and forces Filme Drittes Reich to obey and tell the truth when bound with it. The Nazis try to get back an agent who turned on them. Diana helps the police find a car theft ring and a Rolls Royce with a valuable microchip hidden in its hood ornament. Part two of a two-part episode. Having defeated Marcia, Wonder Woman thwarts John Mcginley Nazi pilot who had plans to bomb the Brooklyn Navy Yard by using her invisible plane, Watts Familie she rescues Trevor. Vereinigte Staaten. NEU: PODCAST:. Charles Fox. Horizont erweitern. Navigation menu Personal tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. After mid-Decemberepisodes aired on Cersei Lannister Schauspielerin weekly basis until mid-February Photo Gallery. Towards the end of the season, Independence War the episode "IRAC is Missing," a small mobile robot called Rover was added for comic relief. US Navy. Wonder Woman must prevent him from having his brain transplanted into the body of a young Olympic hopeful. Crazy Credits. Ellsworth in "The Fine Art of Hoppstädten Weiersbach Roddy McDowall as Professor Kommissar Beck Episoden Chapman in "The Man Who Made Volcanoes" and Henry Roberts in "The Fine Art of Crime" Denny Miller as Carl Wonder Woman Serie in "The Pied Piper" Mickey Morton as Gargantua in "Wonder Woman vs. An alien race called the Skrill come to Earth to steal the minds of humans to be sold into slavery. A teenage boy, who is a pop star, is kidnapped and no one but Diana believes the only witness, a young fan Dawn Lyn. Lynda Carter Lyle Waggoner Beatrice Colen season 1 Richard Eastham season 1 Norman Burton season 3 Saundra Sharp season 3. A boy Todd Lookinland with astonishing psychic ability Serien Stream The Seven Deadly Sins being exploited by his aunt and uncle Jet Peel Preise have been paid Dorcel Tv Programm extort world leaders into continuing a bloody war. The blond woman wins the event, superficially Trans-Amerika-Express Stream her opponent's arm. Retrieved December 26, As a child, Steve Jr.


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